a bowl of water is 
                  not enough 
    your dog's water must be
         filtered properly  

     Water quality today is not just horrible, it's deadly. Unless you've been under a rock, it's not okay to drink tap water anymore. Toxic metals and chemicals are not okay to consume, at any levels, regardless of your city's water quality report. Common sense should prevail. If you don't have a good water filtration system, you are taking some serious health risks - and even more shocking is the fact that bottled water is just as bad.

I've done extensive research in my effort to understand what the government is allowing to be dumped into my tap water, as well as, the insidious corporate evil behind the bottled water industry. In short, no one is looking out for you and your family. You must take matters into your own hands, because you and your dogs will get sick if you don't.

I remember as a child in the 70's being able to take long drinks from the garden hose on hot days. Fast forward to today and our water, either tap or bottled, is so contaminated that it eats through our teeth, destroys appliances, kills yard plants and needless to say, smells terrible.

What Happened to our Water?

A key player in the bottled water conspiracy is this company. Over the years they methodically sought to deregulate the EPA's water policy so they could market against tap water as "bad for your health". They perpetuated erosion of strict water laws to allow higher levels of toxic chemicals, all the while, fighting to reclassify bottled water as a "food" because as a "food" item, quality laws are nearly nonexistent for water. Why is this important? These very loose water quality regulations on bottled water has allowed most companies to sell you straight tap water, the identical water that they were telling you not to drink in the first place. I hope you're feeling scammed, because we have been.

The facts are that by-and-large bottled water can be just as bad for your health, but marketed purely as a better healthier alternative, a self-fulfilling prophecy of the nasty bottled water industry...and I didn't even get into the endocrine disrupting BPA used in the plastics or the tons of garbage they create which is choking our rivers, streams and oceans.

Getting back to your tap water, there are over 84,000 documented toxins leaking into our water supplies from unregulated corporations, as well as, from our own personal products. Although some are more to blame than others, based on deception vs. ignorance, really, no one is exempt from the cause. Nearly every cleaning or bathroom product that we buy contains some form of deadly toxin that, as thousands of homes rinse this stuff down the drain daily or toss hundreds of tons into landfills, eventually all find its way back into our ground water.  

So if we can't trust bottled water and we can't trust our tap water, where does that leave us?

Average Filters Don't Protect You

I only give my dogs filtered water by a dependable company who doesn't have a stake in the game, this would be the Berkey Water Filter Systems. Regardless, the most important thing is that you have a filtration system that removes ALL the junk - your average refrigerator or sink attachment filter does not do this. After all the reviews and criteria, I felt this one was the best for filtering out nearly 100% of all pesticides, chemicals and toxic heavy metals.

Again, regardless of my recommendation of the Berkey Water Filter SystemsI believe all responsible individuals should do their own research. Research that should include uncovering the industries and agendas of your town - you just may be in a city that has deregulated the dumping laws. My town has thousands of acres of farmland and one of the most infamous of all the military chemical companies. So, it's a given that Glyphosate, as well as, some heavy military-grade toxins are going to be in my water. Again, because of such dramatic deregulation, no one has clean water anymore. 

Even with this you may still be on the fence about your water, and may yet be unswayed to believe that your water is toxic, that's fine, however, let me offer up this YouTube video about tap water, plus this one from Dr. OzAdditionally, I'd like to give you a partial list of over 84,000 deadly agents that our government deems okay to exist in your tap water and bottled water: Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, PCBs, Arsenic, Perchlorate, Dioxins, DDT, Glyphosate, HCB, Dacthal, MtBE, and don't forget, Radiation is included. The government states certain levels of radiation are acceptable to consume.

You may also find it important to know that 'appropriate' levels of toxins, regulated by your City, are arbitrary and get higher every year. Eventually, as they did in Northern California, they may simply stop measuring levels of toxins. One City's Aluminum levels topped the charts, it got so high that they simply decided to stop measuring it and removed it from any criteria. How's that for honesty? Personally, I will never deem it acceptable to ingest any level of lethal toxin, let alone any levels of radiation. 

There is Hope

The good news is that once you get a filter, and use it for everything, you can pretty much relax. Berkey even sells a travel filter, however, I just fill a bottle at the house for those long hot walks. Either way, you're covered.

I hope you recognize how passionate I am about the Berkey Water Filter Systems. In our home we have the Big Berkey with an additional set of filters (totaling 4) plus 2 sets of Fluoride Filters (totaling 4) - basically, I maxed out the filtering capability. It took 10 minutes to install, and after one year, not one issue, period, just great tasting water.

I will admit that it took me about 3 months to research and pull the trigger. I was making a significant purchase and had no assistance with the decision process. One thing I did know, I was spending a fortune on expensive bottled water that nothing could guarantee was any better than tap, regardless of the packaging claims. At trash day, all I saw were bags of bottles, a waste, and down deep in my gut, I felt like a total criminal for polluting the environment and a complete idiot for pandering to the big-money corporations.

Insanely Good Stuff

The Berkey Water Filter Systems has outstanding customer service, they will never leave you hanging. As far as their filters go, whichever combination you create, they filter over 99.9% of all water pollution, including radiation. The filtration is gravity-based with no electricity needed. They are perfect to travel with or for emergencies. They're lightweight and collapsable to put into the car for vacation. Personally, I always like to prepare for emergencies and knowing that I can filter water from our creek is priceless. Read more about the benefits here as well as the insane filtering capabilities – you don't even have to buy the most expensive to get the benefits.

My recommendation is to start as I started, with the Big Berkey, add the extra set of filters and add 2 sets of Fluoride Filters. This will give you 4 main filters with 4 Fluoride filters.

Lastly, this company provides volumes upon volumes of data to help you make an informed decision. They've got information on filter flow rates, lab results, replacement filters, and even a system calculator to determine how much water you use – a word of caution, their site is so information-packed, it can get overwhelming. So, start small, start with the Big Berkey and give all the rest time to sink in.

I hope that this has helped, but if nothing else I hope it has opened your eyes to the importance of filtered water for you and your pups. 

I wish everyone love and happiness, cheers!