a bowl of water is 
                not enough 
    a dog's water must be
         clean & pure  

     Pure water is just as important as good food. Water quality today is not just horrible, it's deadly. Unless you've been under a rock, no, it's not okay to drink tap water anymore. Toxic metals and chemicals are not okay to consume, at any levels, regardless of what any regulation agencies say. Common sense should prevail. If you don't have a good water filtration system you and your dog won't be 100% healthy, period, and bottled water is not the answer, in fact, 90% of bottled waters are even more toxic than tap.

I've done extensive research in my effort to understand what's in my tap water and the insidious corporate evil behind the bottled water industry. In short, no one is looking out for you and your dogs, so take matters into your own hands. I remember as a child in the 70's being able to take long drinks from the garden hose on hot days. Fast forward to today and our water, either tap or bottled, is so contaminated it eats through concrete, metal and needless to say kills plants and animals.

What has happened? A key player in all this is this company. Over the years they and others, methodically sought to deregulate the water industry (so they could market against tap water as 'bad for your health'). They perpetuated erosion of strict water laws to allow higher levels of toxic chemicals, all the while, building a bottled water industry that is not regulated by clean water and environmental laws, but by 'food' laws, making bottled water a food, a choice, one that is not regulated for health or as a human right, but as a product of choice, in short, needing barely any regulation if at all (some don't have any regulation or quality control.)  

The facts are that bottled water is worse for your health, but marketed purely as a better healthier alternative, a self-fulfilling prophecy of this nasty bottled water industry. So where does that leave us? We can't trust bottled – and I didn't even get into the BPA and plastics – and we can't trust our tap water.

I only drink and give my dogs filtered water by a dependable company who doesn't have a stake in the game for the bottled water industry, this would be Berkey. I've done extensive research, mapped out all competitors, but honestly, this is the best so I won't waste your time with 7 different companies to chose from. But, as always, dog owners should always do their own research.

All of this may sound scary and "negative", but so is a trip to the hospital, taking prescription meds for the rest of your life, or even not being able to pay your rent because your medical insurance premiums are too high. What's wrong with the world today where we're not willing to pay for clean fresh water, yet we are willing to pay the doctors  to "make us better"? And this applies to our dogs and vets. 

I already told you that I despise vets, I think they are over zealous and malicious, and necessary only in emergencies. Yes, there are one or two good vets our there, but the medicines they use - good intention or not - cause serious and deadly harm (unfortunate personal experience). This is why a good understanding of what's in your water (and food) is just one more way to prevent ever needing to see a vet more than once in 5 years. If you doubt this, if you doubt that our water is not killing us and our dogs, here's a small run down of agents that our government deems okay to exist in our drinking water. 

Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, PCBs, Arsenic, Perchlorate, Dioxins, DDT, Glyphosate, HCB, Dacthal, MtBE, and if that's not enough, Radiation is okay - it's okay now for your water to be Radioactive. These are only a few! All of these cause immune, nervous, endocrine, and reproductive systems failure. They cause liver, adrenal gland, kidney, and thyroid failure, not to mention cancer and brain tumors. Basically, our government has allowed industrial and military complexes to simply dump all their hazard waste into our water supply, as well as, allow corporations to bottle and sell sewage without any regulation of any kind.  

Well, not for me and not for my dogs.

Check out the Berkey System for yourself.

I wish everyone love and happiness, cheers!