Dog Treats

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    When my girls were young,
I never gave them dog treats. Occasionally, the vet or groomer would try to give them a brown stinky gooey square of some kind, but they just weren't ever interested. In fact, the one time Roxy ate one of these "treats" she had diarrhea for days, trust me, we both learned a lesson. After all my research on canine health and diet, I learned dog treats are far from treats – they are actually inedible plastics laden with salt, sugar and disease-causing chemicals. What the hell are people doing giving these to their dogs? For years, I stuck to the tried-and-true organic baby carrots.

That is until, Roxy started to get linebacker shoulders. She is so funny, instead of gaining weight in her belly, she puts it on in her shoulders. Carrots are full of natural sugar and will mess with your dog's calorie intake. They are wonderful for eyes and teeth, but you just can't give them long term unfortunately. This is a huge disappointment because of how religious I am about giving them real food.

But, there is an answer, Yipper Snappers Gourmet Dog Treats. Except for the odd carrot, if we have them in the house, I will only give my girls these little cookies. I cannot recommend them enough, read for yourself:

These treats come in 3 flavors: blueberry, apple carrot, and peanut butter. All the ingredients are well-researched to be human-grade actual food items. They are essentially people treats for dogs and I won't lie, they taste like scones. They include nothing that canines should not eat, in fact all the ingredients encourage better health. Most of all, my girls know when I say "cookie", their eyes and ears light up, they absolutely LOVE them. 

I buy them on Amazon, you can do a search for Yipper Snappers, or you can click here: for the peanut butter one.

I recommend reading more about them on their website, all dog owners should do their research. The one determining factor for me was that these were people food. There is no way I would give anything to my dogs if I couldn't or wouldn't eat it. I vehemently believe that  just because it's for dogs shouldn't mean that it's inferior, on the contrary, it should mean that it is formulated for a canine diet – this is a no-brainer people.

Here's an impeccable run down:
• Hypoallergenic. They have no grain (no wheat, barley, oats and so on) which are notorious for allergy inducing. Even if you don't give them these treats, no dog should have grain, cut this out of their diet immediately.
• Human Grade. They are made in a human food facility, so by US LAW, they must be human quality.
• All Natural, for real. None of this fake "all natural" stuff, according to the Government, plastic is all natural. These are truly real food ingredients that you'd find in your kitchen.
• Low Calorie. Only 10 calories per treat.
• Great for Special Diets. Some customers have said their vet has recommended them. But, they are made honestly for good health, finally the truth in advertising.
• 100% Good for Canines. The ingredients are well researched to be compatible for a dog's diet. No sugars, salt, and junk that aren't even good for people.
• Teeth Cleaning Crunch. They are soft to crunchy. Sometimes they are soft, sometimes they are crunchy, this is because they are freshly baked and contain no oils or preservatives to make them soft. Frankly, I'd rather have this than plastic softeners. They are not designed to sit on the shelf for 3 years, they are fresh and meant to be eaten! Heck, Annie is only 4.5 pounds and will take an entire cookie on, where as Roxy wants hers broken up into little pieces. It's all preference, get used to it.
• They Help Dogs in Need. Mess Less Pet gives back to 5 no-kill shelters across the U.S. They believe that all dogs should have happy healthy homes. They love dogs!

Again in case you missed it, the real kicker is that they give proceeds back to boots-on-the-ground animal rescues. How great is that!?

Enjoy! It's now cookie time!