Annie & Roxy,
                            my two
             little girls

  Annie and Roxy are the epitome of little dogs with big character.  Rox, for short, has a fondness for her Old Navy shoulder bag. It was given to her as a pup, but after all these years wants nothing more than to be carried around the house in it every night.  Annie is a true angel – soft and gentle, but as stubborn as a bull – rarely, does she ever really want something, but when she does she’ll stop at nothing to get it. 

"Little Miss Annie"

Annie was born on February 14, 2007, and she lives up to being a very happy Valentine. As soon as it was safe for her to fly, she traveled with her nanny all the way from Florida to California.

She was so tiny she fit in the palm of my hand.

Small, red, and with determination in all she does, she earned the name Annie after the Broadway show. And speaking of a Production, she puts on quite a show for a warm lap. If she sees me headed for the coach, she’ll start her strategic assault.

She'll first start bouncing around like a flea from pillow to pillow trying to guess exactly where I’ll sit. Once I chose my spot, she'll bum rush my face and lick me in both ears, but then, immediately run off to get her snuggle toy-of-the-day.

Sometimes it's a wristband, but more often than not it's her bear from the 2008 Bank of the West Tennis Classic. It’s amazing how she gets attached to things.

Sometimes she'll disappear for several minutes, and you'll hear the pitter pattering of little feet running around upstairs. This doesn't mean she's forgotten, she's just trying to find her toys.

She'll come back a few minutes later with 'toy in mouth' ready to bury down in the blanket. After several circular turns she'll paw at the spot to ensure it's just right.

Only then will she begin the process of winding down by licking her front paws. She's very precious with her front feet.

She'll finish with one long exhale.

One interesting thing that I've learned about Annie is that I can't pressure her to relax, she's very stubborn. If I fluff up a spot or grab a toy to save her the time, she'll stop and stare at me as if to say, "let me do it, daddy."

So, I just watch from a distance and let her go about her business.

"Ol' Rox"

Five months later, Roxy came into this world on July 19, 2007. It was a long drive to Sacramento to pick her up, but worth every mile.

It wasn't the plan, but Broadway once again played a role in deciding what to call the pup. A feisty, emotional and vocal type, she garnered the name Roxy, after Roxie Hart from “Chicago.”

Turns out, she's a built-in alarm system. From waking me up in the mornings to "protecting" me from other dogs on our walks.

Don’t ask me how she knows, but each morning she wakes at 4 am and is on her back for her belly rub. If I’m not willing, she'll start digging at my side harder and harder until I respond. Eventually she knows I'll give in.

Then promptly 4:15, she's ready for some breakfast. Reducing her calories is important as she gets older, she tends to gain weight in her shoulders– a very odd look, like a linebacker. Although she's the younger, she's nearly double Annie's size. They're fed Happy Dog, an honest dog food where I add the meat – the only real way to know that the meat is coming from a quality source..

Poor girl, she'll put on the pounds in just a couple days if I'm not paying attention. That's why she's earned the nickname "little sausage log". She gets pretty heavy.

But, in a matter of minutes, she's done and wanting her Yipper Snapper cookie. Another honest treat, good as an after meal teeth cleaning  chew. They use only the best quality ingredients and are baked in a human food facility so then, by law, they have to be good enough for people – and plus, they give back to dogs in need. 

After all this, she disappears and I find her upstairs curled in her shoulder bag, fast asleep. I think then, why so early?

Roxy and her bag, it's from Old Navy Dog Supply and she is very adamant that she be carried around in it every night after dinner.

Just the sight of the bag will set her off into a wild spin and tail wag. I've ended up learning how to do work in the office, some laundry, and even my oil painting with her on my shoulder. I'd never get anything done otherwise.

But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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