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Clever marketing is deceiving us all. At the very least, it's not teaching us anything. Packaging with cute puppy pics, clever tag lines, and pretty fresh vegetables is not only far from portraying the actually quality of the food, it's not educating us about the real health needs of our dogs. If it was, why is all kibble processed into indistinguishable brown rank pellets? Surely some recognizable little carrot or apple nugget should poke its head out somewhere. What about the fact dogs are color blind – why do the kibbles need food coloring, for that matter, why do they have to be brown? 

No, the massive corporate dog food giants make heart-tugging statements about caring for the health of your dog, knowing full well that what they are selling could serious harm and even kill your dog. Truth is they don't care as long as you buy the food. Educate you on what your dog really needs or where the ingredients actually come from? Never, just give them good-feeling pictures and they'll put it in their cart. 

We should be enough of a civilized society to be capable of giving our pets real food. We all have been brain washed to believe that pet food is packaged kibble and that somehow it's balanced. The only balancing is the corporate budget to give your dog the cheapest crud possible. 

Making everything worse, we are taught that the canine diet is so complex and although you may have 3 children you feed daily, you couldn't possible make sure your dog gets enough vitamins. And if you think you can do a Google search for canine nutrition and find the truth, you'd be wrong. This has been so thoroughly diluted by the industry, that you'll even find statements telling you to ask your vet about your dog's diet. Vets are not taught nutrition, they intend to push drugs – not one of the 6 vets I have ever used ever once mentioned anything about diet, other than trying to sell me Science Diet, seriously?

Can You Handle the Truth?

The Federal Government, the State, AFFCO, and certainly no profit-driven corporation are on our side. All these agencies look the other way when it comes to enforcing laws or putting any true regulation in place to protect the health of your animal. Any law, regulation or action taken by them are merely for gain and not for health or safety. Ethics and quality control are all violated, then bought and paid for by the corporate giants so they can keep us ignorant and duped into the lie and insanity of our bottomless feel-good society.  

This is especially disconcerting when you comprehend the underground network of meat production. Many if not all these giant food corporations are global and are quite able to farm the meat from some unconscionable sources like the dog meat trade in China. Here in the U.S., it is documented that roadkill, euthanized animals from our vets, and dying or diseased cattle and poultry not fit for human consumption are all used as dog food.

If the secret behind the meat was not horrific enough, the additional ingredients and chemical supplements added to technically bring up the nutrition are added in such a way as to hide and mislead you on quality and nutrition.

The Canine Conspiracy

As a teenager in the late 80's, I actually worked in a pet shop. I'm not proud of it, but it was the 1980s, and I loved animals, so what was I to do? Besides wiping down the fish tanks, I remember selling giant brightly color bags dog food. It was primarily Eukanuba and Iams. I was never even educated on the product, I just recited stuff on the label. It was never about a dog's health, it was about moving the product. Regardless, I never thought to question the food itself, I just thought there were laws and if it was on the shelf it all had to be good. I think today this is still what people think.

Ironically, over 30 years later, I'm back and this time trying to be the better person I should've been then. It’s taken me 10 years to research the canine diet. When I first started out, I found information on the canine diet elusive and contradictory propaganda, however now that people are waking up and the truth is getting out there, actual dog nutrition can be found – it just won't be a Google suggestion or even listed on the first page.

If you listen to the industry including vets, all dogs just need protein, lots of it. The more the better and, if you want to give them some veggies as treats, you're doing the right thing. Wrong. 

Too much meat protein overloads the system, wether human or canine. The body cannot store protein like fat and sugar and can only use a small amount at one time. This means that all these high protein diets overload the liver and kidneys like an over flowing trash can, it can’t go anywhere and thus you get liver and kidney failure, not to mention diabetes. The interesting thing is that the body recycles protein so it doesn't actually need more, but less.

Don't forget that dogs are bred directly from wolves, and even though it's been a while, they still do and require the same things. They like real fruit and vegetables, and even grass, not just as treats but as a part of their diet. They need these natural vitamins. In fact, Dogs need vitamin C just like humans. Vitamin C is a miracle cure for nearly all diseases. A Sprouts Nutritionist told me about the Camu Camu berry and I got hooked and give it to my girls everyday. She told me the story of her very expensive prized show horse who had come down with an illness. Her vet wanted to give it thousands of dollars worth of chemicals and drugs, all with no guarantee of healing. She refused. She did her research and decided to give him high doses of Vitamin C in the form of the Camu Camu berry. Within 2 weeks the horse was completely healed. 

Stop the madness!  

I can offer you two solutions from my experience with my girls. They both require you to cook the meat, however, depending on how much time you have each day to prepare a meal, there are ways around it. I mean heck, if you're a meat eater, you're probably cooking some form of meat throughout the week anyway, right?

First, buy organic chicken or turkey. Yes, the very same that you would buy for yourself.

... sorry, to be continued, have to take my girls out for potty.