Mission MHC

Making a Difference

This site is nothing without you, this is as much your site as mine. I'm honored and privileged that you have come to visit. Whether you choose to comment, shop, or learn more about your best friend, my hope is that you leave feeling as inspired as I am about Chihuahuas.

I have so many goals to achieve on my MHC journey, but first and foremost, is to ensure Chihuahua owners everywhere have a completed website that provides the most accurate, complete, and helpful information available. After this, my sites are set on forming:

My Happy Chihuahua Resuce – a nonprofit animal rescue that provides life-time support for abused or abandoned animals.

My Happy Chihuahua Foundation – an organization that provides support to Chihuahuas and their families in need.

My Happy Chihuahua Advocacy – an organization that speaks out for the better treatment and rights of animals.

I'd love to hear from you and how MHC can make a difference in your life.